A letter of Vietjet’s CEO to her staffs after “media incident” of their two pilots

Right after the “media incident” related to two pilots of Vietject Air happening in the middle of August, 2016, the CEO of Vietjet Air – Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao sent a letter to the whole staffs of Vietject Air. After reviewing some regrettable points happened as well as waking up the pride of Vietject’s pilots, a paragraph of letter wrote:

“It is extremely regrettable for what happened, as expected troubles happening in life out of our prediction. Our self-esteem was injured. I would like to send my kind regards, sympathy and apology to the pilots for the hassle you got. Vietjet had recommended to competent authorities to give correct information and modify false news.

Now and in the future, company will support the pilots to defend their honor and personal reputation. Vietnamese people are friendly and humanity, they will certainly sympathize with foreign pilots in this difficult situation. I hope that every member of our Vietjet will contribute to transmit the right information to the community, not only this incidents but also the spirit, culture and all good things of our Vietjet”

Before that, on 23 August 2016, Vietjet announced the official information about two pilots of Vietjet had been suspected of hiding some banned substances in their baggage. At 23:5 on 18 August at Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi), customs officers suspected the baggage of passenger Elmer Ederadan Sorrea, a Filipino of containing some banned substances. His companion is Francis Dennis Abellera Yutangco, from the US. The two passengers were on flight No. 5J745 of Cebu Pacific Air from Hanoi to Manila -, Philippines. They are two pilots of Vietjet during on their vacation and on the way to Manila. The customs officers conducted a normal check on the luggage and cooperated with police for verification. As the result, American pilot was confirmed to not concerning with the suspicious luggage, while the Filippino’s luggage was also confirmed to no problems by local authorities. After that, the two pilots continued their trip on a Cebu Pacific Air flight to Manila.

Unfortunately, a regrettable incident regarding media has happened, although some newspapers did not have enough right information, they quickly published the wrong news enclosing with inappropriate images and created strictly misunderstanding in community. Therefore, Vietjet Air made an official announcement to confirm these information was incorrect.

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