Consulting On M&A Of Enterprise

  • Consulting and assisting investors to choose target enterprises (for the buyer) or shareholders, strategic partners (for the seller)
  • Consulting on making Legal Due Diligence and Financial Due Diligence of target enterprises
  • Consulting on methods of M&A of enterprise in compliance with the law
  • Consulting and assisting to create and implement the offer plan (for the seller) and the acquirement plan (for the buyer) on the basis of evaluating and analyzing information on policies, legislation and market
  • Consulting and assisting to assess the value of enterprise and assets which are object of M&A
  • Consulting and supporting during the negotiation of contracts, agreements for M&A (enterprise purchase contract, transferring share and contributed capital in enterprise, enterprise’ assets purchase contract)
  • Consulting and assisting to implement legal procedures during the Implementation of M&A deal (business registration, M&A activities in state authorities, including notification/request for approval of competition administration)
  • Consulting on restructure, reorganization and deployment of operation for enterprise after completion of M&A
  • Consulting on implementing financial duties and other legal procedures related to M&A deal