Consulting On M&A Of Project

  • Consulting and assisting investors to choose target project (for the buyer) or strategic partners (for the seller)
  • Consulting on making Legal Due Diligence and Financial Due Diligence of project and creating Business Plan/Analysis Investment Project Report
  • Consulting on methods of M&A of project in accordance with the law (purchase and transfer of project, transferring share in project enterprise, investment cooperation to implement the project…)
  • Consulting and assisting to create and implement the offer plan (for the seller) and the acquirement plan (for the buyer)
  • Consulting and supporting to negotiate  the contracts and agreements for M&A
  • Consulting and assisting to assess the value of project and project enterprise which are object of M&A
  • Consulting and assisting to implement legal procedures during the implementation of M&A of project (adjusting certificate of investment registration, adjusting certificate of business registration after completion of M&A)
  • Consulting on implementing financial duties and other legal procedures related to M&A deal